After I visited the Saudade Garden, full of varieties of the scabiosa flowering plant, located at MiratecArts Galeria Costa on Pico island, I was inspired to participate in this project, thus building "Saudade", a series of 10 works. Painted on an acrylic background, the flower stands out in an oil-crafted realism, with the artist's concern combining the background with the main element in chromatic terms. I proposed a different look to the majestic scabiosa in various stages and varieties. The exhibition debuted in 2017, in an unprecedented exhibition, at Ancoradouro, in Madalena of Pico, before moving on to the gallery room at the Pico Museum. The Horta Public Library, on the island of Faial, the Atelier de Kaasfabriek, on the island of São Jorge, the Lajes das Flores Museum, and recently in the Graciosa Museum have also hosted the exhibition. The intention is to travel the nine islands of the Azores defying an unprecedented action, which is to exhibit the same exhibition on all the islands. A collection of 10 postcards from the original paintings are available for purchase.