Arte Viva
Arte Viva is a cultural event which aims to demonstrate and familiarise the public with the working process of the painter, sculptor, and musician, among others. This way people have the opportunity to better understand the creative process of the artist. In short, it aims to raise awareness of art in general. The first Arte Viva event took place in 2011, and was based on an idea consisting of bringing together a group of artists, to work live, where the public could interact with them. The first event took place at the famous bar Arco 8 and included the participation of nine artists. My friend and co-founder Pedro Sousa, and I decided to continue the project. Therefore, we organise it twice a year, once outdoors in the summer, and again in an enclosed area during the winter. Over the past five years, the event as grown in terms of participants, usually is having an average of 30 participants. The largest ever Arte Viva had more than 50 artists. This Arte Viva was attended by artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, literature, theatre, dance and music. It was held in 2014 at the Academy of Arts, in partnership with the CRACA association and RC Events.