The autonomous region of the Azores is composed of 9 Islands, divided into three groups; The Western (Corvo and Flores), Central (Terceira, São Jorge, Pico and Faial, Graciosa) and the Eastern Group (San Miguel and Santa Maria) is an integral part of the Portuguese territory. San Miguel, the island where I live, has an area of 745 Km2 roughly, 64 km of greetings and 8 to 15 wide, the island's population is about 130 000 inhabitants. The most important sights of the island are the Sete Cidades Lake, Fire Lake and Furnas lake, not forgetting the typical food called “cozido das Furnas ", where various vegetables and meats are cooked under the Earth. In terms of international sporting events in San Miguel we have; Sata rallye Azores (ERC), Cliff diving Azores, Azores Island Pro (surf) and Azores golf Islands. In relation to international cultural events in S. Miguel we have the walk & Talk and music Festival Tremor. In Pico Island there is the Azores Fringe.